Friday, August 20, 2021

Israel Bombs Damascus and Homs from behind Lebanese Civilian Airplanes

It's not the first time that the Israelis endanger the lives of hundreds of civilians in their aggression against their neighbors, especially using civilian airplanes as human shields to bomb Syria from behind, if they can get away with it they'll bomb those airplanes and blame it on others, as they always do.

Breaking News: Israel Bombs Damascus and Homs from Over Beirut

This time it came from south of the Lebanese capital Beirut when Israeli fighter jets granted to them by the US taxpayers fired missiles against targets in the vicinities of Damascus and Homs while there were two civilian airplanes approaching the Beirut International Airport for landing, the Israelis know very well that air defense missile will pick the larger objects when chasing their targets, and even the most advanced missiles if they hit their set targets the debris of the explosion and the explosion itself will risk harming the larger objects, in this case, the two commercial airlines.

Russia paid dearly once when an outdated Syrian S200 (built in the 60s of last century) shot down a Russian reconnaissance Il-20 reconnaissance aircraft with 14 Russian officers on board while chasing Israeli fighter jets who bombed from behind the Russian plane, Russia, upon the request of former Israeli Netanyahu refrained from delivering to Syria the slightly more advanced S300 air defense systems Syria bought back in 2010 and thus paid the price for favoring its Israeli friends over the Syrian allies.

Yesterday late night unprovoked provocation by Israel comes amid low times for the Israelis seeing their US protectors withdraw from Afghanistan in a humiliating way, and on the same day, the chief of the Lebanese Hezb Allah Party said there is an Iranian ship carrying fuel to Lebanon is coming which will break the US embargo on the country.

More in this report: Breaking News: Israel Bombs Damascus and Homs from Over Beirut - video included.

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