Friday, August 20, 2021

Biden Junta and its Kurdish Terrorists Escalate War Crimes against the Syrians Igniting Fierce Resistance

The Biden 'most inclusive and diverse' junta of the White House escalate its war crimes against the Syrian people with their Kurdish SDF separatist terrorists stealing more Syrian oil and wheat on daily basis and attacking the villages and towns in the regions they illegally occupy to kidnap young men, this is igniting the resistance among the Syrians who started fighting back, fiercely.

Biden Forces Steal More Syrian Oil, his Kurdish SDF Militia Get Beaten Up

A convoy of 42 vehicles including tankers loaded with stolen Syrian oil, trucks loaded with stolen Syrian wheat, and other vehicles were spotted heading from the northeastern Syrian province of Hasakah towards neighboring Iraq through an illegal border crossing, continuous theft, and plundering of Syria's riches and depriving the Syrian people of their food and fuel, Biden continuing Trump's continuing Obama's (or Biden's 1.0 term) policies in 'spreading democracy and freedoms in Syria'.

Every action has a reaction, in the physical scientific world this would generate a reaction equal in the size, in the real world the reaction might vary to be smaller or bigger in size and effects, the same is with the heinous actions by the Biden forces and their Kurdish SDF terrorists drawing the resistance from the Syrian people who are defending their lives, food, and fuel, and eliminating the thieves, hopefully soon enough some black garbage bags will also be sent to the Biden's junta to give their families the Purple Heart award.

More in this report: Biden Forces Steal More Syrian Oil, his Kurdish SDF     Militia Get Beaten Up - video included.

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