Thursday, August 26, 2021

ISIS Terrorists Getting Evicted from Daraa Balad, Last Hole in Southern Syria

The Syrian Arab Army is determined on cleaning the foreign presence and all sorts of terrorists from Syria, inch by inch, the current stage is in Daraa, the southern Syrian city and the spark of the US-led war of terror against Syria that started 10.5 years ago.

Daraa Balad: 1st Batch of Terrorists Shipped Out, the 2nd Expected Today

After 60 days of delayed ceasefire after the other, the first batch of the ISIS terrorists of 8 of them and their families was evicted from the dense neighborhoods of Daraa Balad in the southern part of Daraa and already reached northern Syria where the Turkish madman Erdogan maintains a military and terrorist presence. The batch was supposed to be of 10 terrorists, 2 of them are still at large more than 24 hours after the bus left.

The Russian mediation is mainly behind the extended ceasefires, this cost the Syrian army and the Syrian civilians many victims and massive losses in properties, Israel and the Pentagon along with Saudi, Qatar, Turkey and a number of other NATO 'intelligence' forces put great resources behind these terrorists for years and continue to do so hoping Syria will continue to bleed in this area, the Syrian Army has other plans.

More in this report: Daraa Balad: 1st Batch of Terrorists Shipped Out, the 2nd Expected Today - video included.

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