Sunday, June 13, 2021

NATO Proxy Terrorists Infighting Kill and Injures Dozens Yesterday in Afrin

NATO-sponsored terrorists in northwestern Syria had a bloody exchange in fire over the past week which resulted in the killing of a number of Turkish soldiers, 3 at least, then an exchange of bombing each other with the height yesterday when the US-sponsored Kurdish SDF terrorists shelled the city of Afrin occupied by Turkey-sponsored Al Qaeda terrorists with artillery killing and injuring at least 40 people.

Kurdish SDF bomb Afrin with Grad missiles

Yesterday's shelling of Afrin by the Kurdish SDF terrorists was the most intense especially that the city is occupied by Al Qaeda Levant aka Nusra Front protected by the Turkish Army (the second-largest army in NATO) but it's a Syrian city, thousands of Syrians still live there and the infrastructure being destroyed was built by the Syrian people over decades of hard work and sacrifices, Syria is effectively under western sanctions the most intense was always the US sanctions since 1956 and were gradually increasing.

Reports from the city vary depending on the propagandists reporting it whether they want to gain sympathy from the international public opinion by increasing the number of their casualties and claiming it only killed women and children and destroyed a hospital building or want to show off and brag that they were not affected to keep the morale high among their followers, the numbers range from 7 killed to 22 and from 10 injured to 33. 

What's for sure is there were at least 4 Al Qaeda's 'civil defense' terrorists aka White Helmets were among the killed. These terrorists have two uniforms one they wear for suicide bombing and slitting throats of their captured victims and the other for photo-ops for western media.

Further details in this report: NATO Erdogan Terrorists and NATO US-SDF Terrorists Bomb Each Other in Afrin, Syria.

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