Wednesday, June 2, 2021

Former Partner Mafia Boss Sedat Peker Spills the Beans on Erdogan's Criminal Life

A former business partner of Erdogan turned against him exposing the Turkish madman Erdogan's criminal acts, the exiled Mafia Boss Sedat Peker in a series of YouTube videos had much to say.

Turkish Mafia Boss Sedat Peker with Erdogan

In his 8th episode on his YouTube channel, the mafia boss Peker spoke about a number of corruption and criminal deals in which Erdogan, his family members, his close inner circle, and officials in Erdogan's regime are deeply involved in.

These crimes span from money laundering to arming and training terrorist groups, using ambulances to transfer weapons and terrorists, drug trafficking, smuggling stolen oil, and strong connections with Israel.

Seems that Peker had some issues with Erdogan's minister of interior, the issues that took a personal twist as in one of the videos the mafia boss is threatening the minister to 'drag him on the streets of Turkey and sitting him on a stake' - the famous Turkish torture method using a wooden and metal bar they would insert into their victims from the bottom up to next their necks and hang them until their blood dries up...!

Details in this report: Sedat Peker, The Mafia and Erdogan… And Syria Again.

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