Tuesday, June 1, 2021

Enemy Countries U-Turn toward Syria - Opinion

A number of countries are already in talks with the Syrian state to reopen their embassies in Damascus, restore full diplomatic relations, and return to Syria after a whole decade of diplomatic estrangement most of those countries did their best to help the USA destroy Syria.

Returning to Syria is a Fate, It’s Not an Option – Nasser Kandil

Syria won against the US-led war of terror against it, the war that cost the western economies trillions of dollars over the past ten years, and much more in their credibility and international status. One of the distinguished outcomes of their failure in Syria is the emerging of the multipolar world spearheaded by countries like Russia and China, instead of waiting their turn had Syria lost the war.

Now, some of the smarter western leaders are realizing they failed in their mission to take over Syria, or maybe they were forced to join the US demonic war, and have started their u-turn toward Syria, the embassies of Greece and Cyprus have been prepared in Damascus, as a start, others are expected to follow.

Lebanese seasoned politician and strategist and former MP wrote about these latest developments which I translated to English here: Returning to Syria is a Fate, It’s Not an Option – Nasser Kandil.


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