Thursday, June 10, 2021

Assad at Adra Industrial City where Terrorists Baked 200 Infants in Bread Ovens

Adra Industrial City is one of the main industrial complexes in Syria which was thriving especially in the years 2000 - 2010 with dozens of factories opening and thousands of new jobs created every year until the year 2013 when the labor's adjacent city was stormed by US-sponsored 'freedom fighters'.

Syrian President Assad visits Adra Industrial City, north of Damascus

In the winter of 2013 - 2014, the US-sponsored heavily armed 'peaceful protesters' and 'freedom fighters' slaughtered police force, decapitated nurses and put their heads on pikes, baked 200 in bread ovens, raped little girls in front of their mothers then beheaded them, slit the throats of the fathers with dull knives in front of their children and left them to bleed to death, among other atrocities never known to the Syrians since the European crusaders and the Ottoman times.

Most of the victims were blue-collar workers working in the industrial city and their families, most of them moved to this residential complex not long ago seeking a better life and future, they came from all other Syrian provinces.

Yesterday morning the Syrian President Bashar Assad visited the Industrial City of Adra, some 35 kilometers to the north of Damascus, and he himself was surprised to see the industrialists who withstood the challenges and continued production during the worst times of the US-led war of terror against Syria and some of them even started new businesses there during this time.

The full transcript of his speech and other video uploads and pictures in this report: Syrian President Assad visits Adra Industrial City, north of Damascus - video included.

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