Thursday, May 6, 2021

More NATO Weapons Left Behind by Al-Qaeda Terrorists in Southern Syria

NATO-sponsored terrorists aka 'peaceful protesters' in western media were busy stocking weapons and munition to the extent that years after their defeat in the southern Syrian province of Daraa and the Syrian law enforcement authorities still find depots of weapons and munition every day.

Weapons and munition found in Daraa southern Syria

The latest is a cache of assorted weapons and munition found in hidden depots in the eastern Daraa countryside and in the Al-Lajat Badia, an open desert connected with Jordan in the south and Iraq in the east not far from a US illegal military base in the At-Tanf area.

Syrian Army's engineering corps are destroying these weapons and munition and turning them into scrap metal after their warehouses ran out of space to stock more of them unearthed from the areas cleaned from the 'peaceful protesters'.

So far, the quantities destroyed by the Syrian Army were enough to arm two national armies of central European countries including weapons to use in training.

The USA and its European stooges fell short in providing these pathogens with fighter jets, and instead, NATO is flying these sorties on behalf of the terrorists, but they did provide them with advanced drones.

More in this report: Daraa: Weapons Unearthed Left Behind by NATO’s ‘Peaceful Protesters’ - (video included).

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