Thursday, April 22, 2021

Iran Strikes Israel, Israel Strikes Syria, Syria Strikes Israel, Israel Stunned

Most observers confirm that the Israeli explanation of what caused the massive explosion in the occupied Palestinian capital Al-Quds (Jerusalem) is fishy, to say the least. Nobody is convinced, not even the Israeli war propagandists.

Explosion in Al Quds, Israel Bombs Syria, Syria Bombs Israel

A massive explosion shook the whole area surrounding Al-Quds, Israel claimed it was a controlled explosion part of some testing in a company linked to the Israeli war ministry while copying a satellite rocket. The Israeli narrative doesn't explain how the public was not warned prior to the explosion and why panic was all over?!

Most of the observers saw in the explosion an Iranian retaliation to one of Israel's attacks against them, we can't depend on Israeli sources to admit this, and if it's Iranians behind this they'll gloat without telling.

After exactly 12 hours from the time of the explosion Netanyahu, the Israeli lunatic PM who keeps repeating the elections until he gets re-elected bombed a site northeast of the Syrian capital Damascus from over the occupied Syrian Golan, Syrian air defense shot down most of the incoming missiles, Syria fired back a missile that flew all the way over occupied Palestine (the west call it Israel) and blew up a target 30 kilometers near the Israeli main nuclear reactor called Dimona.

More in this report: Huge Explosion in Al-Quds, Israel Bombs Syria, Syria Bombs Israel, Israel Stunned.

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