Wednesday, March 10, 2021

The Kurdish Dream in Northern Syria is a Criminal Dream

Working for the US occupation forces in areas they controlled while the Syrian people were fighting the world's worst sorts of terrorists ISIS, al Qaeda, and their affiliates, the Kurdish leaders have led their people into an upcoming catastrophe.

A December 2019 article on the American Herald Tribune by Australian Professor Tim Anderson, shared with me by the author, sheds much of the light on the Kurdish cause in Syria, their origins, their presumed state 'Rojava' or 'Western Kurdistan', and what to is awaiting them.

The author, Professor Anderson, unlike most of the western journalists, has actually visited the areas he wrote about, spoke with the officials of the Kurds and the Syrian Arab Army, and has come up with the most realistic piece you'd find online with all the references needed highlighting in his article, a very rare among the western mainstream media now, and this is why he's not part of it. Unlike us, Syrians, when we write about matters concerning our country or report about the news from our country we are the source of information, our family members and our direct friends are the storytellers, when we conceal their names we do so out of fear they would be targeted by the terrorists and their sponsors.

Western journalists need to mention their references in their stories to gain credibility. I've seen none of such, and when Western reporters working for the MSM do visit areas of conflict they take only one side and do not speak to the other, and when faced with news contradicting their narrative they dismiss it altogether.

I'll leave you with the link to educate yourself about one side of the Syrian people's struggle with the US-sponsored Kurdish SDF forces who control now Syria's food basket and oil sources, and whose one of their officials a couple of days ago exposed their direct links to ISISin a video recorded statement: Syria, Washington and the Kurds

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