Friday, March 5, 2021

Explosive Confession: Kurdish SDF Official Defects and Exposes the Group’s Relationship with ISIS

FSA terrorist who bombed Khan Al Asal with chemical weapons in 2013 is currently an official in the SDF Administration in Mambij

In a normal world, this confession will oblige the United Nations Security Council and its OPCW organization to launch a wide investigation in the information provided by this person and the NATO member states at the UNSC would feel ashamed as their lies demonizing the Syrian government and the Syrian Army with their own evil crimes in Syria after they got exposed.

Kurdish SDF Relationship with ISIS and FSA chemical attack on Khan Al Asal

That's in a normal world; our experience with NATO member states, especially the influential ones of them, is when their evil crimes get exposed and their false-flag operations are uncovered they start with new and bigger lies and they continue carrying on the same lies and the same crimes but with shouting more and committing further crimes, if the lie about the Iraqi weapons of mass destruction told by NATO to justify the invasion and destruction of that country doesn't teach us a thing, we're doomed.

This confession is of high importance as it unveils the culprits behind the very first chemical attack in Syria in the northern town of Khan Al Asal in the Aleppo province, more than 40 days before the infamous Ghouta chemical attack promoted by NATO without evidence as it was carried out by the Syrian army.

You can read the text printed on the video or read the transcript from here with the background on this story: Kurd SDF Official Defects and Exposes the Group’s Relationship with ISIS.

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