Friday, March 19, 2021

Celebrating 10th Anniversary of their War on Syria, UNSC NATO Want More Syrian Blood

We can understand the relentless efforts of NATO member states in their vicious war against Syria in a number of perspectives, a war that is unprecedented in the history of mankind against a single small-sized country by the world's superpowers and super-rich countries along with a host of near 100 other countries they managed to bring into their 'coalition' of 'democracy' exporters, the least of these perspectives is criminal enough and amounts to war crimes, genocide, and crimes against humanity.

Celebrating the NATO-sponsored Syrian 'Revolution'

10 years on, over half a million people killed, by their own statistics, half of the country's population displaced mostly internally, each Syrian person was harmed one way or another, and they're not giving up.

One of these perspectives come from their colonial and imperial past, it's in their genes since their grandparents were living their cannibalism and barbaric living invading and destroying civilized countries up to the medieval centuries, and when they don't have or don't agree on another country to invade they would fight against each other in wars that kill tens of millions of their own, like the two world wars, the cold war, and many other smaller wars.

Another reason is their failure to win in Syria, this is driving their 'strategists' mad, how can they not win when they followed the same textbook they used to destroy a host of other countries including European ones: Yugoslavia, Iraq, Libya, Afghanistan, Somalia - do you remember it?, most of Africa, and regime change through military coups and 'colored revolutions' in Ukraine, Romania, Georgia, Bolivia which they've lost again...

The hyenas spent literally hundreds of billions of dollars of their own countries' taxpayers money to destroy Syria and milked the Gulfies, namely Qatar and Saudi who alone paid more than 138 billion dollars between 2010 and 2017 to destroy Syria as per the former Qatari prime minister, yet they couldn't win. Trump complained that his country spent 7 trillion dollars in the 'Middle East' and lost that all now seeing Iraq turning towards Iran and losing in Syria which reversed their domino effect in countries they won earlier. How can they justify these losses to their people when they're asking them to endure economic hardship from the current 'pandemic'?

NATO hyenas produce much more weapons than their needs, they even produce more weapons than the whole world needs multiple times, what to do with these weapons if not using them to kill people who cannot kill them, yet?

If they won Syria they won the world, losing Syria "killed PNAC (Project for New American Century)" which they were building upon ever since 1997, they won most of the world and stopped at Syria. Had they won Syria, Iran would be isolated to a large extent and so would be Russia which will be strangled by gas boycotts getting Qatari gas exported to Europe instead of the Russian gas. Now, thanks to the heroic steadfastness at massive suffering of the Syrian people, Russia came back to the global stage as a superpower, like it or not, Iran withstood the multiple waves of colored revolutions, military coups, terror attacks, and economic pressure, and China was silently building its powers, go fight them NATO, let's see your real strengths.

On the 10th anniversary of their war of terror against the Syrian people, the NATO member states of the United Nations 'Security Council' 'celebrated' their 'revolution' and decried their losses, called for more terror to be inflicted upon the Syrian people with their last hopes they might avoid the final chapters of the collapse of the most criminal empires that mankind ever witnessed, this report expands on their criminal acts: UN Hyenas Snowflake over Anniversary Failure of NATO Spring in Syria.

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