Saturday, February 6, 2021

Turkey's Genocidal Water War against Syria and Iraq

Water wars are war crimes and crimes against humanity in all of its dimensions, it amounts to genocide as well, that's exactly what the Turks are doing against their neighbors and that's what they inherited from their Ottoman ancestors.

Euphrates River - Syria and Iraq Water - Turkey

The Euphrates originates from Turkey and ends in the Persian Gulf going through both Syria and Iraq, the Tigris originates in Turkey and meets the Euphrates in Iraq while passing just at the northeastern joint borders with Syria. These are called shared rivers in international law and shared rivers have to be shared by the respective countries by moral standards before by the power of law.

In addition, there are treaties signed to distribute the water of these two lifeline rivers, the very existence of more than 40 million people in Syria and Iraq depend directly on the flow of these two rivers, the case that was since the first humans in these regions thousands of years ago until the current day Turkey was established.

Turkey, however, and especially after the anti-Islamic cult led by Madman Erdogan reached power, has a different view, they want to control and sell the water like how others sell the oil that appears in their land.

Husni Mahali, Turkish career journalist and former friend of Erdogan before the latter imprisoned him for criticizing the Turkish support of Al Qaeda terrorists in Syria and the Erdogan's breaching the articles of the Adana Accord signed in 1998 between the neighboring countries, explains the policies of the regime of Erdogan and his post-Ottoman Turkey to use the water as weapons against the southern neighboring countries of Turkey in this post: After Idlib and the Kurds… What about the Euphrates and the Tigris?

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