Saturday, February 20, 2021

Russia's Warning to Israel: Syria's Patience Running Out

The US-sponsored 'peaceful protesters' in Syria initially targeted Syria's vast air defense network which was spread across the country, their claim was these remote brigades of 4 to 6 technicians are oppressing their freedoms, the videos of dozens of armed terrorists, sorry peaceful protesters, storming these air defense units and slaughtering the soldiers and technicians manning it were viral at those days, Israel and the USA felt free to start bombing the country aiding Al Qaeda.

Russia Envoy to Syria Lavrentiev with Israel War Criminal Netanyahu - Archive
Russia Envoy to Syria Lavrentiev with Israel War Criminal Netanyahu - Archive

Israeli officials brag about carrying hundreds of such bombings against Syria since, the Syrian Army spread thin over a vast area fighting literally hundreds of terrorist groups with a total at one time exceeding 250,000 terrorists, as per a UNSC report, that's almost double the number of the Syrian Army on duty troops, the Syrian army had to prioritize what threats it has to respond more, the Israeli bombing was mainly of not strategical importance and Syria's response was by eliminating Israel and its US patron's precious assets: Al Qaeda and ISIS terrorists in Syria.

Once most of the populated country was cleaned from terrorists, the SAA started rebuilding its power, the Israeli bombing would always come to the rescue of cornered terrorists defeated at the hands of the Syrian troops and their allies, so did the US bombing with the most infamous was in September 2017 when the US fighter jets attacked a Syrian army post at the Thardeh strategic mountain overlooking and protecting more than 120,000 people in Deir Ezzor, the Pentagon bombing lasted almost an hour killing 84 Syrian army soldiers and officers thus allowing an ISIS terrorist large group to run over the mountain and almost capture the city, the SAA made swift deployment and cleared the mountain saving the people of Deir Ezzor, and the Pentagon issued an apology after it got caught red-handed.

The Israeli bombing continued but when the Syrian air defense shot down a very advanced modified Israeli F16 fighter jet and damaged an F35 while repelling an Israeli bombing, the Israelis resorted to bombing Syria from across the borders and mostly behind civilian airplanes, they were hoping the Syrian army would shoot down the civilian airplanes and come under international pressure, instead, the SAA shot down a Russian reconnaissance plane targeting the Israeli jets that were hiding behind it, the incident angered Moscow which then promised to deliver a bit more advanced air defense system to Syria which Syria bought back in 2010 and Putin held it at the request of Israel.

Now, the Israeli aggression is continuing and the Syrians need to respond, Russia realized it cannot keep Syria's hands tied and not respond, so Putin's envoy issued a stark warning to Israel.

Details in this report: Moscow Warns Israel on Repeated Bombing: Syria May Lose Patience.

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