Friday, February 19, 2021

Criminal Hypocrisy at its Height - Israel Expanding Nuclear Activities!

 There's a special place in Hell reserved for hypocrites: it's the lowest dungeons. Who hasn't heard the Israeli officials scream very loudly at every international arena about the fear of Iran's nuclear program? They made the USA and the Europeans their puppets in severing relations with Iran just because of that. Well, guess what?

Keep in mind that the US's 52nd illegal state aka Israel is the only state in the region and far beyond that didn't join any non-proliferation treaty including the nuclear, chemical, and biological ones, and it's developing military programs in each of these, all under the full protection of its US sponsors. The US officials have vowed to keep Israel more powerful than all of its neighbors until the last breath of the last US citizen.

And never forget the frogs:

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