Wednesday, January 6, 2021

Syria Rebuilding and Building New Affordable Housing Despite the US-led War of Terror

Construction continues on existing projects launched during the US-led war of terror on Syria and new projects to house 50,000 families in new apartments are ongoing.

GCBC SY Construction of Affordable Housing in Syria

One of the leading Syrian public companies in the construction field is GCBC which just signed a new contract with the Syrian Housing Establishment, a public company, to build 11 additional residential towers in the Wafa Suburb of Hama, central Syria.

The new 11 residential towers comprise 362 apartments with a built-up area of 52,608 square meters in a contract that cost 9.5 billion Syrian Liras and expected to be completed in 800 days, from land development to handover.

This complements the ongoing contract of 6 residential towers comprising 200 apartments in the same Wafa Suburb, which GCBC is executing.

Over 50,000 apartments were approved in the ambitious Youth Housing Program launched by President Assad during the war. Imagine if the country was not fighting for survival against the world's superpowers, the world super-rich regimes, and the world's largest terrorist army, not to mention the complete blockade and draconian sanctions!

Details in this report: 11 Residential Towers 362 Affordable Housing Units, New Project in Hama.

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