Tuesday, January 12, 2021

Landmine Explosion Kills 2 Children and Injures 10 other in Daraa, Southern Syria

A landmine explosion killed instantly two children and injured 10 others in the city of Sheikh Miskeen in the northern countryside of Daraa yesterday.

Landmine explosion in Syria

Most of the children victims are from the same family.

A spokesperson for the Daraa Police Command confirmed the incident and stated the victims were rushed to the national hospitals in Daraa city and in Izra, the whole area where the explosion happened is blocked awaiting the demining unit of the Syrian armed forces to clear it.

US-sponsored 'freedom fighters' of Al Qaeda FSA terrorists planted all the areas they infested with tens of thousands of landmines and explosives to continue to kill and maim Syrians long after they're defeated.

Syria is facing unprecedented sanctions and blockade by the USA and the EU preventing the country from acquiring basic equipment needed to discover and demine the large areas liberated from terrorists and also preventing the Syrian Ministry of Health and private businesses from procuring medicine and medical equipment needed to treat the injuries.

More in this report: 2 Children Killed and 10 Others Injured in a Landmine Explosion in Daraa.

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