Thursday, December 10, 2020

While Russia Sends Aid to Syria Trump Forces Loot the Oil

Russia continues its support to Syria in fighting the world's largest armies of terror sponsored by the world's superpowers and super-rich countries, militarily and in humanitarian aid, the Trump forces operating illegally in the Levantine country continue what US forces around the world do: looting Syria's riches, mainly Syria's oil.

A convoy of 60 tankers and different types of vehicles left the Syrian oil field in Rmeilan northeast of Syria and moved into Iraq using an illegal border crossing, the convoy was guarded by Trump forces and by the separatist Kurdish SDF militia.

US Coalition convoy Syria - Iraq - Kurds SDF - Archive

The USA and its European minions are not only happy stealing the riches of the Syrian people after sponsoring tens of thousands of terrorists from all over the world to destroy Syria, but they also impose unprecedented sanctions against the Syrian people to make sure the suffering is at maximum levels.

It comes in the same week that Russia sent 55 tonnes of humanitarian supplies to Syria:

Russian aid to Syria

This contrast is the main difference between established civilizations how they work together and the sudden civilization built on genocide and theft.

Trump himself declared in press conferences he kept troops in Syria to steal Syria's oil: 'I like oil', he stated, in case someone still believes the US forces are sent to anywhere in the world to spread 'democracy' or 'freedoms' the US itself doesn't have as proven in the past couple of months.

Details about this ongoing theft in this report: Trump Forces Continue Looting Syria’s Oil in his Last Days in Office.

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