Tuesday, December 29, 2020

Was there Palestine before 'Israel'? Golda Maer Answers!

Propagandists can lie to further their agenda, it's unethical but that's what is done, however, fake propaganda does not last lone especially when there's countering evidence, imagine if there's not only some countering evidence but overwhelming evidence to blow away the entire farce the propagandists base their stories upon, what they will do?

In advanced communities, a propagandist cannot tell a false story and get away with it, if not instantly then within minutes, in advanced communities also, propagandists once exposed will become outcast and whatever stories they come up with in the future will be discredited at first, what I meant by advanced communities are not communities who built taller buildings or made better cars, rather communities with people capable of using their brains properly, applying common sense and basic logic, and learning from their own mistakes.

Can we consider the population of the United States, the United Kingdom, or western in general as advanced communities in that sense?

The people of the US has a nice saying: 'Fool me once shame on you, fool me twice shame on me', meaning a smart person can be fooled once because they put their trust in the storyteller, but in the next time if they get fooled by the same storyteller then it's their mistakes, now think about how many lies western mainstream media and western politicians told you to justify invading other countries? Here are some hints to help you: Iraq's WMDs, Gaddafi killing his own people, 9/11 and all the contradicting stories in it like most of the bombers were Saudis so the US should invade Iraq and Afghanistan, Syrian president gassing his own people who keep supporting him! NATO spreads democracy and wants to protect people's free will to determine their future, all of Africa would disagree, and so on.

The Zionist propagandists are no different except they continue to grow their lies and ridicule their critics, one of the recently floating lies is that there was no such thing as Palestine before the European Jewish settlers were granted the land of Palestine by the British who in the same letter of granting the land they don't own to the people who don't deserve wrote: 'To create a country on the land of Palestine'!!!

A video popped up on the net showing one of the Israeli own prime minsters, she was number 4 of them and her name was Golda Maer, she was born in Kyiv, Ukraine, migrated to the USA then to Palestine in 1921, watch what she has to say about the subject then what another Israeli prime minister and president did to move to Palestine:


The video is also available on BitChute.

So, what do you think? Was there Palestine before Israel when the European Jews migrated there in the last century?

Remember that all the wars, terrorism, refugee crises, and all unrest in the region and beyond started when Britain created Israel on the stolen land of the Palestinians.

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