Wednesday, December 30, 2020

New Israeli Bombing against Syrian Army in Damascus Countryside

The Israelis taking advantage of the last days of the lunatic Trump in office and trying their best to ignite a regional war to keep the US troops indefinitely to protect them and their crimes, a new day and a new bombing.


While Syria is busy fighting al Qaeda and its derivatives in the country including ISIS and other mutations, Israel is busy attacking Syria, it's their chance they think, the latest bombing was against a Syrian army air defense unit in the Zabadani area northwest of Damascus.

Israeli media claim, as usual, they bombed a weapons depot of the Lebanese Hezb Allah, sometimes they claim they bombed an Iranian facility in Damascus, but each time only Syrian soldiers are killed and on the rare occasion a soldier of Hezb Allah is killed he will be in his house resting from guarding one of their Shia sacred shrines in the countryside of the Syrian capital.

A Syrian young air defense First Lieutenant Martyr Ali Maen Hola of the Syrian Arab Army air defense operating an air defense unit inside Syria, but western media and their regional propagandists consider every target by their criminal camp as a Hezb Allah fighter even the Syrian civilians killed in bombings by the US-sponsored ISIS and FSA terrorists...

Syrian Arab Army Air Defense First Lieutenant Martyr Ali Maen Hola

More in this report: Israel Bombs Zabadani, Damascus: One Soldier Martyred, Three Injured.

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