Thursday, December 3, 2020

The Evil Alliance to Serve Israel: Turkish Madman Erdogan and the Qatari Tamim

In the past 70 months the Turkish madman Erdogan and the boy who carried out a coup against his own father the Qatari Tamim officially met for summits 28 times, they spoke dozens of times over the phone, that's very unusual in international relations, especially the two countries do not have joint borders, are not attacked militarily by foreign countries, and have completely opposite ruling systems, well at least before Erdogan came to power.

qatar tamim al thani and turkey erdogan

So what is this extra strong relation between the two men whose grandfathers fought against each other, Erdogan's most hated grandfathers were Ottomans and Tamim's most hated grandfathers were Wahhabis from the Arabian Najd desert, like the Al Saud?

Is it only the Qatari financial funding of the collapsing Turkish economy? Is it only their sincere desire to export their surplus of democracy [SIC] to Syria, Libya, Yemen, Somalia, Afghanistan, Tunisia, Algeria, Egypt, and Nagorno Karabach?

When did this strong alliance come in place? What's the connection of their alliance to Israel? What is the US's role in this with the US having a strong military presence in both Turkey and Qatar? What is the Turkish opposition saying about this relation and what about the Qatari people and their views on spending their state's wealth in Turkey and shoring up Erdogan and funding his military and terror-sponsoring adventures across the planet? Note: Qatar doesn't have a constitution and doesn't accept any sort of opposition?

Turkish career journalist and former personal friend of Erdogan Husni Mahali walks us through all the above and adds more in his recent article in Arabic published by the Lebanese news outlet Al Mayadeen and translated to English: Erdogan and Tamim Al Thani: 28 Summits in 70 Months… Why?

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