Saturday, December 19, 2020

Does Bashar al-Assad have more experience with ISIS than America?

The title is a question asked by a member of the Quora Q & A wiki social media site, I was tagged for an answer for the question and found it as an opportunity to give some background on the topic.

So who has more experience 'with' ISIS: the USA or the Syrian President?

good and bad terrorists

The question itself is flawed, that's, unfortunately, the consequences of a narrative fed to the western public constantly by the western mainstream media outlets, the media arms of the Pentagon.

I'm sharing my reply to the above question on Quora here in order to preserve the answer from Quora's heavy censorship, they've instantly blurred the above image in the answer with this explanation: 'This answer may contain sensitive images. Click on an image to unblur it'; and also to share the information to the readers of this platform, all the information mentioned in my reply are backed with official confessions and statements. Here's the reply in full:

Does Bashar al-Assad have more experience with ISIS than America?

A straightforward answer to your question: No, Bashar Al Assad doesn’t have more experience ‘with’ ISIS than the USA.

However, the Syrian armed forces have a much better experience than the USA and its coalition in fighting ISIS.

ISIS is the creation of the USA, that’s what a former high-ranking commander of Al Qaeda, a close friend of both Ayman Zawahiri and Osama Bin Laden, and the founder of ‘Jihad’ in Egypt said, he described the steps the regime of Barack Obama did to create ISIS in this 2014 interview: ISIS: The Bombshell Interview to Impeach Obama.

ISIS is an offshoot of Al Qaeda, and who created Al Qaeda? You’ll find Hillary Clinton, the former Secretary of State of the USA and the wife of a 2 terms president of the USA stating before a US Congressional official hearing that Al Qaeda is a creation of the USA: Clinton against Syria: Criminally Stupid, or War Criminal?

ISIS is a tool in the hands of the Pentagon ‘strategists’, they use it at will, that’s what John Kerry said to members of the Syrian opposition based in 5 stars hotels outside Syria in a leaked video recording, also other US official testimonies on record: The Pentagon Threatening to Revive ISIS.

With all the above said who do you think has more experience with a terrorist organization and in which context: The organization’s creators and sponsors or those fighting it?

End of my reply on Quora.

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