Thursday, November 12, 2020

Syrian President Addressing the Refugees Crisis and the US Abuse of their Suffering

Syrian President Bashar Assad addressed the International Conference on the Return of the Refugees held in Damascus with the attendance of 27 countries affected directly by the refugees' crisis and countries that just want to help, the conference was boycotted by the USA and its EU minions and its regional stooges who some keep crying from the consequences of the Syrian refugees' crisis!

President Assad reminded the attendees of the initial cause of the displacement of millions of Syrians internally within Syria and across the borders into neighboring countries and beyond, and how the USA created terrorist groups in Iraq and then with the help of Turkey sent the terrorists in Syria to force the displacement of the Syrians.

The Syrian President also explained how the evil acts and inhumane sanctions and blockade imposed by the USA and its evil camp of minions in the EU and in the region are meant to prevent the return of the Syrian refugees to their homeland and by depriving the Syrian state of the needed tools to rebuild the destroyed infrastructure in the country.

More in this report: President Assad Speech to the Int’l Conference on Refugees Return - video included.

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