Thursday, November 26, 2020

Erdogan Radical Terrorists Torched Locals' Houses in a Northern Syrian Village

Anti-Islamic Muslim Brotherhood terrorists working for the Turkish madman Erdogan stormed, looted, then burned down several houses of Syrian locals in a northern village not far from the borders with NATO member state Turkey.

Erdogan's Al Qaeda Muslim Brotherhood offshoot terrorists of Hamzat group

The terrorists of the Hamzat group, an offshoot of Al Qaeda, stormed the village of Bab Al Faraj village in Abu Rassin area, southwest of Qamishli in the northern Hasakah countryside, looted whatever valuables, electronic devices, and belongings before they burned down the houses.

This attack comes just two days after a similar attack by the same terrorists against the Church of Mar Touma in the border city of Ras Al Ain in the same Hasakah countryside, they desecrated the church and burned it before leaving.

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Erdogan wants to create a buffer zone inside Syria on the borders with Turkey where he displaces the people from their homes and replaces them with followers of his radical anti-Islamic Muslim Brotherhood ideology and their families. This is to be a breeding nest for similar terrorists he uses in his adventures in the region and beyond, like what he did in Libya, Nagorno Karabach, and all the way from the Chinese Uighur to Germany.

Details of this latest genocidal attack in this report: Erdogan Terrorists Looted and Burned Several Houses in Northern Syria.

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