Friday, November 20, 2020

Despite Terror and Western Sanctions Syria Opens a Hospital and 3 Healthcare Centers

Despite the relentless efforts by NATO and their stooges and terrorists to destroy Syria and its people, the Syrian Ministry of Health managed to build one more hospital in Damascus countryside and rehabilitate 3 healthcare centers in the province of Latakia.

Al Tal Hospital

This is a great challenge for the Syrian people and the Syrian state, not only they had to face ISIS and other Al Qaeda affiliated terrorists throughout the past 10 years, the western countries led by the USA and the EU are doing their best prioritizing destroying more of Syria and blocking the attempts of its people to rebuild their country by ways of sanctions, over improving the deteriorated underdeveloped unprepared healthcare systems in every western country.

In this context, the Syrian Ministry of Health inaugurated yesterday a modern hospital and 3 healthcare centers defying all odds and obstacles.

Al Tal Hospital serves 600,000 people of the city of Al Tal and its surrounding towns and villages in the northwestern countryside of Damascus.

Martyr Adnan Muhammad Abdin Healthcare Center in Raml Shamali district is a much-needed addition to the health sector in the city of Latakia which population grew two folds due to displaced Syrians fleeing their homes in Aleppo and elsewhere from the US-sponsored 'democracy spreaders', aka Al Qaeda FSA and its affiliates and offshoots of Nusra Front and ISIS.

Kafriya Healthcare Center in the Haffeh countryside totally destroyed by the US-sponsored 'democracy spreaders', now rebuilt, re-equipped, and is ready to serve the people of the region.

Al Janderiyeh Healthcare Center serves 100 thousand people, it's built in the town that it carries its name.

Hundreds of doctors, nurses, and admin staff are hired and already performing their duties, these are real doctors and real nurses, that's why they are targeted and demonized by the USA and its evil camp of NATO member states and stooges, the same camp that glorifies the fake doctors and fake nurses who change their black robes to white to become White Helmets and back depending on the photo-op.

Western audience look at the left picture only, for recruiting terrorists look the right picture...

Details worth reading about in this report: Health Ministry Builds a Hospital and Rehabilitates 3 Clinics in Damascus and Latakia.

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