Saturday, October 31, 2020

Pentagon Propaganda: Assad Supported the Iraqi Insurgents who Became ISIS?!

 The simplest person with the least knowledge of the events in the region, the Levant and Iraq, or who has followed news about ISIS and other terrorist groups operating in the region, knows without a doubt that these terrorist groups are the product of the CIA.

Just apply common sense or logic, it doesn't need too much thinking.

However, the Pentagon's propaganda is heavy, it always tends to demonize the victims to justify further criminal acts, the same happens in the case of the so-called Iraqi insurgents.

Does anybody still doubt that the US invasion of Iraq was illegal and based on a complete lie invented by the Pentagon and pushed by the western mainstream media? If not so, please stop reading and go check your mental capabilities.

After invading Iraq based on the false claims that the country was developing weapons of mass destruction and positioned half a million 'coalition troops' there, the disgraced US Secretary of State then Collin Powell visited Syria and handed President Assad a list of demands to avoid a similar fate of Iraq and that of Saddam Hussein. Collin Powell was more than surprised when he was shown the doors and naturally, Syria rejected all of the US demands.

Instantly, the plot to destroy Syria came into effect, we're talking 2003, more than 7 years before the beginning of the so-called Arab Spring.

And instantly, the free countries of the region stood up to the illegal US invasion and started assisting the Iraqi people in their resistance to the occupation. Don't forget that up to 2 million Iraqis sought refuge in Syria, 1.2 million of them remained in Syria until the beginning of the 'Arab Spring'.

Resistance to occupation is a noble cause protected by international law and engraved in the UN Charter, there's no doubt about that. The Iraqi resistance to the US illegal invasion grew strong and its attacks became bolder and more hurting for the US troops until the US decided to withdraw under the beating.

To counter the Iraqi resistance, the US resorted to the Iraqi tribes who are connected somehow with the Saudis through the open desert between both countries, those are mainly Sunni but not the patriotic ones, there are a good majority of Sunni Iraqis who stood against the US invasion and carried out resistance attacks. The groups the US formed from the tribes were called 'Sahwat' or 'Awakenings', and here comes our title question.

A member of Quora's wiki Q & A social platform left an irrelevant comment on this topic on a post I shared there regarding healthcare aid of ambulances and mobile clinics the Syrian government received, the comment was:

Assad, . Sullorted the Iraqi insurgents many of them became ISIS, literally, I assumed he meant 'Supported' since the letter l is just beneath the letter p on the keyboard.

The following was my reply to him:

Wrong, that’s the Pentagon narrative. Most of the Iraqi ‘insurgents’ you’re referring to, who are basically Iraqi Resistance to illegal occupation, were NOT from the Anbar and Saladdin Sunni tribal provinces, they were mostly Shia whose one of their top commanders Abu Mahdi Muhandis was killed by Donald Trump along with the Iranian top general Qasim Soleimani.

See: BREAKING: The USA Killed Iranian IRGC Commander Qasem Soleimani.

To counter the attacks by the Iraqi Resistance, the Pentagon and the CIA came up with the plan to create and arm the ‘Sahwat’ the ‘Awakening’ armed groups from the tribes they have influence over, from there came your ISIS and Al Qaeda ‘insurgents’. Keep in mind that Saddam was one of the most effective US tools in the region, he considered Syria’s Late Assad Senior as his number one enemy and number 2 was Iran, he split the Baath Party into two and took control of the Iraqi wing after field-executing the non-compliant members in the infamous Baghdad theater incident. His followers were not on good terms with Syria, ever.

So before commenting, better do some studying or at least some research, and when you do so, do not use CIA and Pentagon media as your references, they’re the ones who cooked the Iraqi WMDs story in the first place, in case you forgot.

End of my reply there.

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