Wednesday, October 7, 2020

One More Civilian Killed by Erdogan's Terrorists in Ras Al Ain

 Ras Al Ain is a Syrian city in the northwestern countryside of Hasakah province, which is the northeastern province in Syria. The city's blessing turned curse is being a border city instead of benefiting from cross-border trade and exchange, its curse is its bordering NATO member state Turkey which is led by the madman Erdogan.

The latest of Ras Al Ain's curse is a civilian killed in clashes between different terrorist groups loyal to the Turkish pariah Erdogan. The terrorists are infighting over the distribution of bounties and spoils of terror against the locals.

One of the terrorist groups leading the intimidation against the locals is the so-called Hamzat group, this is an anti-Islamic Muslim Brotherhood radical group that follows the ideology of Erdogan and Al Qaeda's leader Ayman Zawahri, no coincidences.

The same 'Hamzat' terrorist group Erdogan is using in his adventures in the region and beyond.

More about this latest infighting in this report: A Civilian Killed in Terrorists’ Infighting in Ras Al Ain, al Hasakah.

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