Friday, October 30, 2020

ISIS Reappears in Northern Syria, Don't be Surprised: Under Erdogan's Protection

 Terrorists from the Al Qaeda offshoot ISIS group appeared again in the occupied Syrian city of Ras Al-Ayn at the borders with Turkey.

The group of armed terrorists in ISIS outfit carrying ISIS banners and chanting ISIS songs and slogans were filmed moving freely in the main roundabout of Ras Al-Ayn, in the northern countryside of Hasakah province, the videos filmed on the 25th of the month.

Slogans heard were denouncing the hate speech and attacks against Islam by the NATO French President Macron, the city of Ras Al-Ayn is under the occupation of NATO Turkish army and its anti-Islamic Muslim Brotherhood terrorist groups of Hamzat, Sultan Morad, and the HTS aka Nusra Front aka Al Qaeda Levant.

These terrorist groups, namely Hamzat and HTS, are the backbone of Erdogan's main mercenary armies he's been despatched in his adventurous wars in northern Syria, in Libya, and recently in Azerbaijan.

Details in this report: ISIS Re-emerges in Ras Al-Ayn under Erdogan’s Protection.

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