Sunday, September 27, 2020

Turkish Erdogan Kills 7 More Syrian Civilians in Ras Al Ain, Two of them Children

Turkish madman and NATO's top leader Erdogan is escalating his crimes against the Syrian people in the regions where his Turkish army and the terrorist groups sponsored by him have infested.

The latest was a car explosion near a wedding hall in the southern entrance of the city of Ras Al Ain, furthest north of Syria at the borders with NATO member state Turkey.

7 civilians killed, two of them were children, and many others were injured. The explosion left massive damage in the area destroying 5 houses partially or in full and a number of vehicles.

Terrorist groups infesting the northern parts of Syria entered with the Turkish army to 'spread' peace by displacing the landowners and replacing them with the families of the terrorists loyal to the Sultan wannabe lunatic ruling Turkey.

More in this report: Erdogan Kills Seven Syrian Civilians, Two of them Children in Ras Al Ain.

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