Friday, September 11, 2020

Syrian Warns UNSC of New Plot by NATO's White Helmets of a Chemical Attack in Idlib

Syrian Ambassador to the UNSC Dr. Bashar Jaafari warned of a new plot by the NATO-sponsored al Qaeda propaganda arm the White Helmets to carry out a chemical attack in Idlib.

During the 85th UNSC meeting on the subject via video conference, the career diplomat revealed news of gathered intelligence on actions of the notorious terrorist group know as the White Helmets of repeating similar incidents in the past with the cover of the NATO member states involved directly in Syria with the direct supervision of Turkish intelligence and by directions of a US official who visited Turkey recently.
The plotted attack aims to impede an anticipated Syrian military operation against al Qaeda's last stronghold (as what US officials call it), in Idlib province, northwest of Syria.
The statement by the Syrian ambassador also highlights a number of contradictions and evil practices in the work of some United Nations bodies, which are entrusted to carry out impartial investigations on the matter.

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