Tuesday, September 22, 2020

NATO's Netherlands: Syrians Must Suffer More or Surrender to Trump!

If your country accepted to be submissive to the USA try not to push that on other countries, you're free with what you do to your people but you're not free to impose on other people their life style, especially when you have a criminal history and were caught red-handed financing terrorist groups that harmed the Syrian people in the first place.

Syrian Refugees in Jordan - The Netherlands wants to prolong and increase the Syrian people's suffering

This is happening now with the Netherlands, a monarchy in western Europe that is working for those in control of the USA. The Foreign Minister of this NATO member state wants to refer Syrians to the ICC for the crime of defending themselves from herds of tens of thousands of assorted terrorists from all sides of the planet who were dumped into Syria, and the Netherlands had helped finance these terrorists who committed the most heinous crimes in the history of mankind, in Syria, in Iraq, in Lebanon and wherever they infested.

The country that paid 28 million Euros of its taxpayers' money to finance terrorist groups affiliated with Al-Qaeda in Syria wants to refer the Syrian officials who refused to betray their people to the International Criminal Court, the accusation is: They harmed the rights of the terrorists the Netherlands helped finance in Syria!

As disgusting as this might sound, this is where the West stands united behind the USA which is leading them to further lows.

More in this report: The Netherlands Doubling Down on Harming the Syrian People, for Trump

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