Friday, September 25, 2020

Erdogan Kills Three More Civilians Injures 12 Others in an Explosion North of Syria

Terrorists loyal to the NATO top leader and Turkish madman Erdogan killed three more civilians and injured 12 others in an explosion in Hasakah province northeast of Syria.

The village of Tal Halaf at the borders with Turkey was shocked with a car explosion when a passengers bus was passing by turning the bus into a fireball killing instantly three of the passengers, twelve injured with severe injures some of which are life-threatening, and left huge material damage in the surrounding.

Northern Syria was infested with different NATO assets throughout the US-led regime-change operation that started in March 2011 dubbed the Arab Spring. Prior to that, Syria was ranked among the top ten safest countries in the world.

The Arab Spring was meant to weaken the national armies in the Arab countries that do not have a 'peace' deal with Israel, the US spent tens of billions of its taxpayers' money and lost many of its own soldiers and officers in the process, especially in Syria and in Iraq.

The northern regions of Syria were first infested by herds of the anti-Islamic Muslim Brotherhood terrorist groups which comprised mainly of radical terrorists of al Qaeda (the current chief of al Qaeda Ayman Zawahri is a Muslim Brotherhood), and assorted terrorists brought from all sides of the world. These later were augmented with terrorists from the Chinese Uighur population, Chechen, and other central Asian countries, and from the Northern African countries. All smuggled into Syria through the lengthy borders with NATO member state Turkey in the north, US-occupied Iraq in the east, UK-protectorate Jordan in the south, and from Saudi-controlled Lebanon in the west.

The change of flags between NATO assets in the Syrian northern regions, the regions with Syria's main oil fields and wheat produce, were first the FSA, then Nusra Front (al Qaeda Levant), ISIS, the US-sponsored Kurdish SDF separatists, and later NATO's 2nd largest army the Turkish Army, which now oversees these terrorist attacks in order to push the people of this region to flee it and be replaced with the families of the Erdogan-loyalists.

More in this report: Terror Attack in Hasakah Countryside Kills Three Civilians at Least.

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