Sunday, August 16, 2020

Total Number of COVID 19 Cases in Syria is Approaching 1600

Seventy-eight new COVID 19 cases in Syria in the past day and the total as of 15 August is 1593 cases tested positive with the virus, the Syrian Ministry of Health stated.

Five cases recovered and two died in the same period, the pandemic is spreading especially in Damascus, the Syrian capital.
New testing centers are opened, positive cases are quarantined in specially designated centers spread among the centers of the provinces, the once prided as the self-sufficient and advanced Syrian healthcare system is now overwhelmed no thanks to the US-sponsored and waged the war of terror against the country for the past 9.5 years, and topped up with its daily incremental sanctions with no shame at all, neither the USA nor its European allies to lift their sanctions off the Syrian people, at least the sanctions preventing the Syrian state's ability in procuring most-needed healthcare equipment and medicine.

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