Saturday, August 15, 2020

One More Failure for Trump in Foreign Policy

Trump lost a vote at the United Nations Security Council in his plan of 'Maximum Pressure' on Iran, one more win for Iran and one more loss for the USA.

This is an important development taking into consideration that the three European NATO members at the UNSC have abstained their votes and didn't join Trump in his crusade against Iran, Germany, France, and the US's usual lapdog Britain.
Eight other members abstained, but Trump's spending of tens of millions of dollars in lobbying for his stunt did win him one vote in addition to the USA at the UNSC, the vote of the Dominican Republic, try to find it on the map.
Trump wanted to extend the UNSC embargo on Iran's weapons import and export which is in place for the past 13 years and expires 5 years after the signing of the JCPOA in 2015, it's expiring 18th of October, 2 months from now.
Naturally, Trump is not working that hard against Iran for any interest of the USA itself, on the contrary, the USA is losing a lot on all levels in his escalating enmity with Iran, it only serves Israel and its expanding greed.

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