Wednesday, August 26, 2020

Syrian President Tasks PM Caretaker to Form a New Cabinet

Syrian President Bashar Assad tasked Mr. Hussein Arnous, the current prime minister caretaker, to form a new government post the parliamentary elections that were held last month.
Syrian Prime Minister Engineer Hussein Arnous

As per the Syrian constitution, a new government should be formed after parliamentary elections that would reflect the outcome of the elections and carry out the policies envisioned by the newly elected representatives of the Syrian people.
Mr. Arnous, a career engineer and public official, is facing increased difficulties as the enemies of Syria refuse to accept the failure of their plot to take over the country using tens of thousands of terrorists they imported from all sides of the planet, and have spent hundreds of billions of their taxpayers' dollars. The regime of Donald Trump and the EU corrupt regimes have doubled down on the unilateral sanctions they imposed on the Syrian people instead of lifting it because of the pandemic.

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