Wednesday, July 1, 2020

How Many Erdogans Are There? The Turkish President Has More Than One Personality

An Armenian proverb says: “Never give your back to a Turk, otherwise, he will betray you and stabs you in the back.” The Syrians learned this the hardest way, the Russians, well I'm not sure if they learned it totally yet, they did taste some bitter bites of it, the Iranians just believe in an 'Islamic Awakening' and that affects their judgment.

Erdogan stealing Syrian Wheat - Burning Syrian Wheat Fields.jpg

The Turkish madman and caliph wannabe Erdogan proves the correctness of the aforementioned proverb to its max, the guy has at least two totally different, say opposite personalities.

Today, there was a video conference meeting between the Russian President Putin, the Iranian President Rouhani, and the Turkish madman Erdogan, the main topic of the discussion was Syria.

Based on all the acts of the NATO's top leader Erdogan against Syria and the Syrian people, and everything he's done so far against his southern neighbors, in all fields and on all topics, one would imagine he will have strong opposition to Syria's sovereignty and territorial integrity, especially that his own Turkish military forces have invaded large parts of Syria, his anti-Islamic Wahhabi and Muslim Brotherhood terrorists he brought form all sides of the planet have also committed heinous massacres against the Syrian people everywhere they infested, but that's not what happened.

The man literally signed a joint statement with President Putin and President Rouhani condemning violations against Syria and respecting its sovereignty and territorial integrity...!

I've detailed the full joint statement and how he breached every single paragraph of it yet he endorsed it, leaving me wondering how many Erdogans are there? Check it out: Schizophrenic Erdogan Condemns Himself in a Summit with Putin and Rouhani

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