Saturday, June 6, 2020

Erdogan Merc Fratricidal Fighting Kill Two More Syrian Children

The mercenary savages of Turkish Madman Erdogan ongoing infighting for theft in Syria have murdered another two Syrian children, and injured three other civilians when the demons detonated another car bomb near the National Hospital in Ras al Ayn city of Hasaka’s northwest countryside.

car bomb north Syria

NATO’s favorite rabid dog has occupied this area of the Syrian Arab Republic since October 2019. Details on material damage in this neighborhood from the 5 June terror attack have not been released. At this writing, unindicted war criminal Erdogan’s criminals continue to hold the Alouk Power Plant under occupation. The Alouk Water and Power Plant are in Syria, which is not Turkey, and the war crime of withholding Syrian water to Syrian civilians continues as part of the Israelization plan among US, Turkey, and Israel to ethnically cleanse indigenous Syrians from their homeland.

Madman Erdogan human pathogen armed terrorists also held a shooting match on 6 June; fascist savages of the al Hamzat Brigade and Ahrar Sharqiyah, both thug gang occupiers in Hasaka governate attempted to create another state of panic among Syrian civilians, shooting each other along the turnabout in Ras al Ayn, and blowing up vehicles near the grain silos of Tal Halaf... Continue reading:

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