Wednesday, April 8, 2020

Turkish Madman Erdogan Reinforces TSK and Al-Qaeda in Idlib Despite Covid-19

The Turkish madman and anti-Islamic Muslim Brotherhood Caliph wannabe Erdogan continues beefing up al-Qaeda terrorists and the Turkish troops in the province of Idlib, northwest of Syria, despite the outbreak of Covid-19, especially in his own country, Turkey.

When it comes to crimes, especially war crimes, and furthermore, the lowest levels of them we are un-blessed in our current times with the likes of Turkish Erdogan, US’s Trump, and Israeli Netanyahu, at least the latter two are commanders in pushing for the anti-Judaic, anti-Christian, and anti-Islamic coming of the Anti-Christ, while the first one is a small tool used by his Zionist masters.
Despite the outbreak of the Coronavirus aka Covid-19 in Turkey itself, hundreds of infected, dozens of Turkish cities are separated, the Turkish madman is taking advantage of everybody’s engagement in trying to stop the spread of this pandemic, to further his assigned agenda using his own styled pandemic of subhumans of al-Qaeda terrorists and its ilk. Beefing up the terrorists’ supplies and his own troops after the tremendous losses they suffered at the hands of God’s men on Earth the Syrian Arab Army and... Continue reading (video report included):

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