Friday, March 20, 2020

Two Turkish Soldiers Killed in Idlib by HTS Mistakened them for Russians

Two new Turkish Army soldiers killed and one more wounded in an attack by a terrorist group in the de-escalation zone in Idlib province northwest of Syria.

The above is what the war ministry of the Turkish madman Erdogan admitted. The statement added that the soldiers were killed by a missile attack carried out by ‘radical groups’.
It also claimed that Erdogan forces ‘opened fire on targets in the area’.
It’s a custom for Erdogan’s propagandists to belittle their casualties by ridiculous factors while increasing the casualties among their enemies by laughable multiples. This case could be very much the same and the number of Erdogan soldiers killed and wounded might be much more than what his war ministry admitted.
It seems that the terrorists, who are very loyal to Erdogan and breath from the air he provides them, have mistaken the hapless TSK soldiers with Russian soldiers. They vowed to target Russian soldiers since... Continue reading: 

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