Monday, March 16, 2020

Erdogan Failed his Commitment with Mr. Putin over Idlib, Again!

Erdogan did not commit to his own obligations, again, for the umpteen time, surprised? We’re also not surprised, and definitely not most of the followers of the news from West Asia, this time Erdogan thinks he bought time for his terrorists and his hapless soldiers of the TSK sheeple.
M4 Aleppo - Latakia highway - blocked by Erdogan's HTS terrorists and their children

One of the main problems with western strategists when they put their hegemonic plans is their ego takes over and makes them think they’re the only ones who set the plans and they disregard any other parties, and especially their foes they created for themselves and for their peoples, which leads to catastrophic ends deadly on the accounts of innocent civilians and their inevitable strategic losses, again they exhibit their shortsighted strategies when commanding Erdogan and his army and terrorists in Syria.
Instead of being thankful to Putin for the renewed chance and taking the time to come down completely from the tree he climbed high and fast, the Turkish madman Erdogan is hanging by the middle, he lost valuable time he could have used to implement his part of the agreement he reached when he met the Russian President Putin in Moscow after begging non-stop for that meeting. Erdogan failed to... Continue reading (video report included):

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