Thursday, February 6, 2020

The Syrian Arab Army Enters Saraqib in Idlib Eastern Countryside

The Syrian Arab Army entered the strategic city of Saraqib in Idlib countryside, the NATO terrorists fled the city after putting up previous desperate fights. Turkish NATO forces tried to interfere on the terrorists’ side directly in front of the SAA which had to bomb to kill 6 of them to show the seriousness to clean the country from terrorists, even if NATO is behind them.

Al-Qaeda propagandists alleged yesterday that the SAA entered the city to claim a fake victory filming its members in the city after that claim for media purpose, the SAA entered the city a couple of hours ago only.
Saraqib overlooks M5 and M4, the country’s North-South highway and East-West highway, respectively. M5 stretches from the Syrian borders with Jordan in the south all the way to the Turkish borders through Aleppo connecting 6 major Syrian provincial centers: Daraa, Damascus, Homs, Hama, near Idlib, then Aleppo. M4 connects Latakia on the Syrian coast with Aleppo, Raqqa, Deir Ezzor reaching the borders with Iraq at Al Bukamal border crossing point.
Cleaning the western part of M4 between Saraqib and... Continue reading:

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