Saturday, February 8, 2020

NATO Allies Hold Emergency UNSC Meeting to Save al-Qaeda in Idlib

The NATO allies of the UNSC held another emergency meeting to wail loud crocodile tears for the terrorists occupying Idlib who are actually on the UN’s terror list, and on the terror lists of the countries of the NATO tripartite aggressorsthe P3 who called the emergency session.

The impoverished UN may have gotten a big donation, able to post news of the meeting to its website, unlike after the Arria Formula process when OPCW investigator Henderson said there was no chemical attack in Douma, times were tough.
Special Envoy to Syria, Geir Pedersen wailed about witnessing “the humanitarian catastrophe that the Secretary-General has warned of.” He lamented the dissolution of the cessation of hostilities brokered by Russia and Turkey, lamented the losing sight of a “principle of proportionality,” and essentially suggested that Syria is wrong in trying to rid itself of terrorists. He called for another CoH and called for confidence-building between the government and the savages. Though Idlib has been under foreign terrorist occupation since the early days of the crisis, Pedersen shamelessly described “the biggest al Qaeda haven since 9/11” as “a refuge for hundreds of thousands of civilians from other parts of Syria who fled violence.
He called for Syria to stop defending its citizens, via an immediate [unilateral] CoH.
The beleaguered Mark Lowcock continues to hear voices. He shamelessly normalized Turkey’s criminal occupation of certain areas of Syria, which is not part of Turkey. He also called for Syria to... Continue reading:

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