Friday, February 28, 2020

Erdogan’s Terrorists Helping Trump Sabotage Syria’s Electrical Grid

Three linemen from the Hasaka Electricity Company were injured when their vehicle hit a landmine planted by Erdogan terrorist occupation forces in the village of Abu Rasin, on 26 February. 

The linemen had been engaged in repairing electrical grids destroyed by the mercenaries of Turkey’s caliph wannabe.
This atrocity closely follows Erdogan thugs having cut off the water supply from the Alouk Water Station to two million people in Hasaka. Depriving a civilian population of water is an explicit war crime, though NATO stenographer journalists avert their collective gaze when such crimes are inflicted on Syrians; consider the lack of news when terrorists polluted al Fijah Spring as Christmas present in 2016, silence... Continue reading:

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