Thursday, February 20, 2020

Erdogan Killed 2 More Turkish Army Soldiers to Defend al-Qaeda in Idlib

Turkish madman Erdogan today continued his adventure in Syria by pushing al-Qaeda terrorists loyal to him and supported by the Turkish NATO artillery against the Syrian Arab Army Al-Nerab, Idlib countryside in a desperate attempt to capture any meter of land. Instead, 2 more Turkish soldiers killed, 5 injured by the Syrian Arab Army and the Russian Air force.

Erdogan, who was assigned a leading role in the Greater Israel Project aka Greater Middle East by George W. Bush, is still going full force in this evil plot despite the setbacks and failures he received in Syria, and the large number of innocent people killed, injured, destruction of properties and families.
Today’s attempt by al-Qaeda terrorists of a new formation of al-Qaeda Levant fighting under the banner of the so-called ‘National Army’ was targeting the Syrian Arab Army (SAA) posts in Neirab town, cleaned by the SAA recently from the terrorists... Continue reading:

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