Wednesday, February 26, 2020

Erdogan Continues Barking and Whining, SAA Cleans 11 More Towns

The Syrian Arab Army cleaned eleven more towns today in Idlib southern countryside from NATO terrorists while the Turkish madman Erdogan continues his barking, less intensified though as he still begs Mr. Putin for a meeting with his NATO backup buddies.

The towns cleaned by the Syrian Arab Army in the past 24 hours are Shanshrah, Tarmila, Der Sunbul, Maarat Mukhs, Breij, Khirbet Wubeida, Hassanah, Futaira, Kursaa, Fugaih, and Malaja in Maarat Noman.
Just as I’m concluding this post four additional villages were cleaned from terrorists as per the SAA sources, these villages are Safohin, Kafr Musa, Flaifil, and Kawkaba, making the total 15 towns and villages in the past 24 hours.

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