Wednesday, January 15, 2020

More NATO Terror against Syria While Media Avert Their Gaze

NATO terrorists continued their second day of trying to sate their insatiable blood lust, celebrating the latest cessation of hostilities. On 14 January, NATO supported snipers opened fire on al Nawra Square in the Jam’ayat al Zahra neighborhood of Aleppo City. 

One civilian was murdered. Western outskirts of the city and safe villages have been targeted in the last two days, with dozens killed and injured, and peoples homes and businesses damaged.
The carnage of the savages continues to be ignored by stenographer journalists.

The author does not speak in hyperbole by condemning these blood-thirsty vermin as “NATO terrorists.” They are funded by the taxpayers of NATO countries, their weapons are of NATO. It is NATO media that cheer the misanthropic human garbage as heroic victims.

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