Thursday, December 5, 2019

SDF Brings Back the US Oil Thieves Despite their Agreement with the Russians

The Kurdish SDF separatist militias are trying to ‘Erdoganize’ their bets, jumping on four ropes at the same time: their submission to the USA and Israel, their shaky agreements with Russia and Syria, and their role in luring in NATO member state Turkey into Syria playing the useful fools in giving the Turkish madman Erdogan the pretext he uses to justify his illegal incursion into the northern territories of Syria. As in their role model Erdogan, in the end, they gain little tactically and lose greatly strategically.

After Moscow reached an agreement with Kurdish forces a few days ago to deploy its forces in three towns in northern Syria in order to avoid Ankara expanding its military operations, SDF announces the deployment of its militia alongside the US-led ‘Coalition’ forces at seven deployment points around... Continue reading (video report included):

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