Monday, December 23, 2019

NATO Terrorists Kill More Syrians; US Dogs of War Demand More Syrian Blood via ‘Caesar’

NATO terrorists are on another rampage in Syria, celebrating the passage of criminal legislation by warmongers on Capitol Hill, massacring nine civilians in two towns.

Nineteen persons were injured. Wednesday’s atrocities follow the passage by US Congress and Senate of another round of illicit sanctions against Syria, named for Qatar’s Caesar psyop hoax.
On 18 December, four persons were murdered when “a mine exploded inside a car near al Bawabeh al Hudeidiya in Tal Abyad city in Raqqa” governate. As two children were among the martyred, it is likely this was a family massacre. NATO terrorists of the Turkish variety of mercenaries who currently occupy this region of Syria. Four others were injured.
NATO terrorists also exploded a booby-trapped vehicle near to a popular... Continue reading:

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