Wednesday, October 30, 2019

More Weapons Depots Discovered in North of Damascus and in Deir Ezzor

Syrian counter-terrorism units in cooperation with the Syrian Arab Army discovered a weapons depot in the East Qalamon area, Northern Damascus Countryside, simultaneously, law enforcement authorities discovered a network of tunnels filled with weapons were also discovered in Al-Qurea town, eastern Deir Ezzor countryside.

The weapons depot was hidden 2 meters underground and was reported to the authorities by the locals.

Loads of weapons and ammunition were found including US-made TAO anti-armored missiles, B10 cannon, Grad missiles 82 mm, RPG and tanks projectiles and RPG launchers, DShK and BKC machineguns, mortars, these weapons, and munition were gifted by the US taxpayers to the peaceful protesters and moderate terrorists slaughtering Syrians in... Continue reading:

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