Wednesday, October 2, 2019

Kurds Lost their Dream to Expand 2nd Israel into Northeast of Syria

Kurds in Syria never listened to the advice from all parties, and only submitted to the US and Israel demands, now they’re slowly awakening to the fact that they’ve been used and time to throw them, not even the US will risk a confrontation in the region to defend their dreams.

Hailing from the Qandil Mountains, empowered by the US sanctions and later invasion of Iraq, the Kurds first got their no-fly zone over the areas they occupied and later declared their 2nd Israel semi-state when the conditions were favorable. Taking advantage of local suffering and support from foreign powers to steal land and establish a state should be termed: ‘Israelizing‘ in reference to Israel.

When the terror of ISIS and its affiliates began to be contained in Iraq, they called for a referendum to declare independence from the country that hosted and protected them. The entire... Continue reading:

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